Proof of Concept

Interested in testing Capexplan?

Ask us about our no-commitment Proof of Concept (POC)

What is it?

The POC allows you to fully test the software capabilities without any commitment from your side. If you like what you see, then you can purchase. If not, simply let us know and we delete the account. As simple as that.

Why would I do a POC and how different is this from a trial?

As we all know, a trial gives you a limited number of days, usually between 14 and 30 days to test a software. The main problem with this is that since you do not know the software, starting from scratch can be a daunting task. This is a business software after all. Our POC concept on the other hand allows you to simply provide us some information on your company, in part or in full and from there, we will implement the basics of your account. This will allow you to start creating and approving capex and opex requests from day 1, and rapidly get a good feeling about the capabilities of the software.

I just send you some information to get started?

Short answer would be yes. We can send you a list of the basic information needed and from there, we set up your account. Once setup, we will show you how Capexplan works, and then you can decide what you want to add to complete the setup. Information can be sent to us in almost any format, providing it is readable. And yes, we can sign an NDA prior to starting the POC, this is standard pactice.

What do you normally require for the POC?

We normally require your company org chart (either a portion or in full, what you prefer), then the information on the approval flows (at least for a portion of your org chart). We can then add as little or as many users as you want to include in the tests. If you have copies of existing capex requests, we can start with that in order to provide you with a capex template you can use during tests. All the rest we can create demo data. This includes budgets and drop down lists. Of course, if you want to include your budgets in the POC, we can import those as well. The POC is made for you, so it can be as simple or detailed as you want it to be.

How long does it take to set up a POC?

This depends in part on how much time it takes you to provide us the information. Once we have the information, we can normally set up your account in about 2 to 5 days for a basic setup. A few more days might be required if you send us multiple detailed capex request forms and detail sets of budgets.

How long can I play with my account once it is set up and are we limited in the number of users?

We do not impose any limit of time. We fully understand that the process of testing and getting a new product accepted can take weeks, but it can also take months. You might need to add many other colleagues to help test along the way. So, there is no limit of time and users. You take the time you need. We will keep your account until you either convert it to a production account or request to have it deleted.

So, I can convert my POC to a real production account?

Yes. If you want, we simply convert your POC account into a production account. This means that anything you no longer need, like test capex requests, we normally delete them, and we keep all settings in place. If you need to test additional settings and functions, we can provide you with a dev environment as well, this allows you run tests without any impact to your production environment.

And I don’t like what I see, I just walk away, no commitment?

That is correct. You simply let us know that you no longer need your POC account, and we will delete the account, no questions asked. And no commitments whatsoever.

Did it ever happen that you could NOT set up a POC for a company because of Capexplan limitations?

No. Capexplan is very flexible and can adapt to any company, regardless of the complexity of your company’s processes.